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Amazonian Lotus

Amazonian Lotus (Picture 1)


Amazonian lotus, native to the tropical regions of South America, is a tropical tropical garden ornamental plant. It has the largest leaf in the world's aquatic plants, with a diameter of more than 3 meters. The leaves are smooth and the leaves are rolled up like a float. The emerald green jade plate on the water surface; because its veins are different from the vein structure of the general plant, it is ribbed like an umbrella frame, so it has a large buoyancy and can withstand objects of up to sixty or seventy kilograms without sinking. Amazonian Lotus was discovered in 1801 by the German botanist Haenke T in South America. In a tributary of the river named Mamore, in 1827 he was named after the Queen Victoria of the time as the name of Amazonian Lotus. In 1850 it was Was introduced to Europe. It has been introduced to large botanical gardens and parks around the world.

The flowers of Amazonian lotus are solitary, huge, flowered for three days, the color is changeable, open sooner or later, closed at noon, and its flower temperature is about 10 °C higher than the surrounding temperature. On the first day of the evening, the newly opened white flowers had a pineapple scent that strongly attracted the beetles in the water, while the nectar and starchy material in the petals made the beetles ignore the slowly closing flowers and were left in the flowers for the night. . Until the next night, the flowers opened again, magically turning pink and losing the aroma. At this time, the pollen released by the stamens was covered with beetles, and the beetles carried pollen to another newly opened Amazonian lotus foraging. Thereby helping Amazon Wanglian to pollinate. On the third morning, the flowers turned red, withered and sank into the water. The flower of Amazonian lotus has the characteristics of female precocity. Through this mechanism, Amazonian lotus has skillfully avoided self-pollination.

Amazon Wang Lian seems to be born with the king's demeanor. That's because not only in the tropical American waters of her native habitat, it occupies a huge water area, but also because it has the most beautiful and unique round leaves in the world. In many botanical gardens where Amazonian lotus is planted, Amazonian lotus is often the focus of the summer. Its leaf viewing period can last from the end of May to mid-November for up to six months. And its flower blossoms have three changes, the flowering period is generally three days, the color of each day is different, the flower buds extend out of the water when flowering, the first day flowers in the evening, white with aroma, the next day turns pink, the first In three days, it turns purple, then closes and fades into the water, and the seeds mature in the water. Because of the peculiar character of Amazonian lotus, it is called "the goddess of fickleness."

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