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"China's Pigeon Tree" Davidia involucrata Baill

China's Pigeon Tree Davidia involucrata Baill (Picture 1)


Davidia involucrata Baill has been listed as a national first-class protected wild plant in China. It is a unique species belonging to China. It is a relict plant and a famous ornamental plant in the world. It is known as the "Chinese Pigeon Tree". Wild species only grow in Sichuan Province in the southwest of China and in Hubei Province and surrounding areas. Davidia involucrata Baill was first discovered by the French missionary Father David as a Westerner and named Latin. Father David is also the name of the Latin name for the deer.

Davidia involucrata Baill is a deciduous tree. It can grow to 15 to 25 meters high, with broad ovate leaves and serrated edges. There are only two species of undergraduate plants, two similar, only one leafy hairy, and the other Davidia involucrata Baill is glossy. The color flower is beautiful, it is the remains of the Cenozoic Tertiary 10 million years ago. During the Quaternary glacial period, Davidia involucrata Baill was extinct in most areas, and only survived in some areas of southern China. Luoyang Lucheng Agriculture has been scaled up and planted successfully. It has become the "living fossil" of the plant world today, and is known as "the pigeon tree of China", also known as the "pigeon flower tree" and "water pear".

The climate of the distribution area of ​​Davidia involucrata Baill is cool and moist, with wet and rainy days. It is milder in summer and cool in winter. Davidia involucrata Baill likes to grow moist evergreen broadleaf leaves at an altitude of 1500-2200 meters. Broad-leaved mixed forest. Born in the air and dampness, the soil with deep neutral or slightly acidic humus grows poorly in dry and windy places, is not resistant to infertility, and is not resistant to drought. The seedlings grow slowly, like the dampness, and the adult trees tend to be happy. The soil in the distribution area of ​​Davidia involucrata Baill is mostly mountain yellow soil and mountain yellow brown soil. The pH is between 4.5 and 6.0, and the soil layer is thick. Most of them are slopes with large amount of gravel fragments. The bedrock is sandstone and plate. Rocks and shale. Davidia involucrata Baill is distributed on both sides of the deep-cut mountain creek. In the hillside gully, the mountain is very steep and the slope is about 30°.

Since the discovery of Davidia involucrata Baill in Muping, Sichuan in 1869, Davidia involucrata Baill has been introduced to various countries and has become a favorite ornamental tree species enjoyed by people of all countries. Davidia involucrata Baill was first discovered by the French missionary David God as a Westerner and named after the Latin name. David is also the name of the Latin name for the deer. In 1904, Davidia involucrata Baill was introduced into Europe and North America and became a famous ornamental tree. In the domestic paulownia (Davidia involucrata Baill) is gradually introduced to be an ornamental plant. Davidia involucrata Baill cultivated in Beijing Botanical Garden can bloom normally. This is the northernmost position of terrestrial cultivation in China.

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