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Romantic cherry blossom

Romantic cherry blossom (Picture 1)


Sakura is native to the northern hemisphere temperate ring of the Himalayas and grows throughout the world, mainly in Japan. Cherry blossom is a symbol of love and hope, one of Japan's representatives. Flowers 3 to 5 per branch, into umbels, apex apex, mostly white, pink. Flowers often bloom with leaves or leaves after March, and vary with the seasons. The cherry blossoms are fragrant and colorful, and are often used for garden viewing. Sakura can be divided into two types: single-valve and double-valve. Single-valve can bear fruit, and most of the complex-type lobes are not fruitful. The variety of cherry blossoms is quite numerous, with more than 300 species. There are about 150 species of wild cherry blossoms in the world and more than 50 species in China. Among the 40 species of sakura-like wild species ancestors in the world, there are 33 species native to China. Others are varieties derived from horticultural hybridization.

Cherry blossoms originated in China. According to the Japanese authoritative book "Sakura Dae", the cherry blossoms are native to the Himalayas. After being artificially cultivated, this species was gradually introduced into the Yangtze River Basin in China, Southwest China, and Taiwan Island. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the royal family of the palace had planted cherry blossoms, and it has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years. During the Han and Tang Dynasties, it was planted in private gardens. In the period of the Tang Dynasty, from the palace corridor to the folk house field, the gorgeous cherry blossoms were everywhere, and a stalwart figure of the prosperous China was displayed. At that time, the nations came to the DPRK, and Japan admired the shackles of Chinese culture and the cultivation and appreciation of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms were brought back to the East by Japanese pilgrims along with architecture, costumes, tea ceremony, and kendo.

Because Japanese cherry blossoms are too famous, they have cultivated the world's best varieties, so cherry blossoms refer to Japanese cherry blossoms or cherry blossom varieties with Japanese characteristics to some extent. After the Himalayan cherry blossoms were sent to Japan, they continued to increase in variety and became a rich Sakura family. After becoming the national flower of Japan, it is more cared for and more cultivated, and there are higher varieties with more ornamental qualities. However, several cherry blossoms native to the Himalayas have been grown in Japan, such as arbor, cherry blossoms and so on. Yunnan cherry blossoms and Japanese cherry blossoms evolved from the bitter cherryes of the original Tengchong and Longling areas. They are a variety of flowers. The flowers are changed from single petals to heavy petals, and the color is changed from pale pink to deep pink. This color is very similar to the viewing. The difference between the high Japanese cherry blossoms and the Japanese cherry blossoms is mostly pale pink.

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