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Cat claw flower

Cat claw flower (Picture 1)


Cat's claw flower, which is petite and exquisite, has a bright color and strong adaptability. It is suitable for planting on the lawn and under the dense forest. It is also suitable for covering wet areas such as depressions and creeks. Natural planting, flower border, flower bed, rock garden. Excellent garden flowers, beautiful leaves and flowers, suitable for arranging flower beds, flower paths, etc., and flower branches for cutting flowers. Sex likes cool climate, avoid high temperature exposure in summer, strong and cold resistant, likes rich in humus, moist and well-drained sandy loam.

Cat's claw flower, native to Europe and North America. It grows on mountain roadsides, riversides, or moist grasslands at 200-2300 meters above sea level. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with large roots, cylindrical shape, up to 1.5 cm thick, simple or with a few branches, and dark brown skin. The roots come out of the leaves, the surface of the leaves is shiny, and the back has hairs. It blooms between June and July. It is usually dark blue purple or white, and the anther is yellow. It is available for medicinal purposes.

Cat's claw flower requires sufficient base fertilizer before planting. The northern area is relatively dry in spring and should be watered 4 to 5 times a month. In summer, it should be properly shaded or planted in a semi-shaded place. Drain in time after rain. Strictly prevent lodging, at the same time need to strengthen pruning to facilitate ventilation and light transmission. When the seedling grows to a certain height (about 40 cm), it is necessary to top off in time to control the height of the plant; after winter, sufficient base fertilizer should be applied, enough antifreeze water should be poured, and soil should be cultivated at the base of the plant to improve the antifreeze ability for overwintering.

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