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Beautiful roses

Beautiful roses (Picture 1)


Roses are native to China, Japan, and North Korea, and are distributed in eastern Asia, Bulgaria, India, Russia, the United States, North Korea, and other places. When roses are used as cash crops, their flowers are mainly used in food and refined rose oil. Rose oil is used in cosmetics, food, fine chemicals and other industries. Rose likes plenty of sunshine, cold and drought resistance, likes good drainage, loose and fertile loam or light loam, poor growth in clay loam and poor flowering. It should be planted in a well-ventilated place far away from the wall to prevent sunlight reflection, burn the flower bud and affect flowering. In China, roses are considered to be a symbol of assassins and knights because of their thorny stems. In the West, roses are regarded as a symbol of strict confidentiality. Different colors of roses have different meanings, red roses represent passion and true love, yellow roses represent precious blessings and jealous love, romantic roses and romantic love are precious and unique, white roses represent purity and innocence, black roses represent tenderness and sincerity, orange roses friendship And youth and beauty, blue roses represent kindness and kindness.

Rose is a spice plant. The rose oil extracted from rose flowers is expensive in the international market; 1kg of rose oil is equivalent to the price of 1.25kg of gold, so some people call it "liquid gold". Some special aromatic species, such as Chinese rose and Bulgarian ink red, are used to extract expensive rose oil or sugar cane for flower picking. Rose oil has pure ingredients and aromatic scent. It has always been an irreplaceable raw material in the world's perfume industry, and it is mostly used in Europe to manufacture high-end perfumes and other cosmetics. The rose water extracted from rose oil waste is a pure natural skin care product without any additives and chemical raw materials. It has excellent anti-aging and anti-itching effects. In addition, the root bark of roses can be used as a yellow dye for silk and other objects.

In the West, roses are regarded as a symbol of strict confidentiality. When you are a guest, when you see roses painted on the table above the host’s table, you understand that everything you talk about on this table cannot be passed on. In ancient German banquet halls, conference rooms, and hotel restaurants, roses were often painted or engraved on the ceiling to remind participants to keep their mouths tight and keep their secrets secret, not to disclose their words and deeds under the roses. This was a affair that Horus, who originated in Roman mythology, met a beautiful woman-the goddess of love "Venus". Her son Cupid gave him a rose in order to help his mother keep a famous festival, and asked him to keep his mouth shut. , Horus received the rose and remained silent, becoming the "silent god", which is why the under the rose is so tight-lipped.

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