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Sherman general tree

Sherman general tree (Picture 1)

Sherman general tree, is the world's largest tree, its height is 83.8 meters, the bottom of the largest diameter is 11.1 meters. The tree is located in the Sequoia National Park of California, USA, belonging to the giant tree, aged about 2300-2700 years. Sherman General Tree was measured in 2002 when the volume was 1487 cubic meters. It is neither the highest known height on earth (the highest tree on earth is almond eucalyptus), nor the widest (this award is owned by Baobab tree), and not the oldest trees. But on the volume, it is known on Earth that the largest existing monolithic trees.

Sherman's general tree was named by the naturalist James Wolverton in 1879 to commemorate the general of the Civil War William Tecumseh Sherman. Sherman general tree grows in the American Metasequoia National Park in California, USA. Located in the west of the valley of death, east of Fresno city, about 3 hours north of Los Angeles. As the Nevada mountain block the south cold, the west foothills to the sunny rains sufficient to form the park valley valley vast; over the hills is desolate Nevada desert, mountain front and the back of the mountain like two worlds. The park gathers the world's largest hemlock forest, like a green skyscrapers.

Sherman general tree, has more than 3500 years old, 83.5 meters high, around 31 meters, is today the world's largest and oldest tree. There are groups of Metasequoia in the park, both tall and thick. General visitors to the Metasequoia National Park to visit, will first go to the huge forest village to stay, there are tourist service centers and some small wooden gift shop, then the second station is to take pictures of the tree to the Sherman, walking along the path, tourists Walking among them will feel refreshing. There are some collapse of the giant trees, was deliberately hollowed out the trunk, the car can walk through the middle of the trunk, which also shows the general diameter of Metasequoia, is indeed surprising.

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